Terms and conditions of reservation and cancellation policy
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Terms and conditions of reservation:
Your completed reservation request consists of a request for availability of the room(s). You will receive a confirmation per e-mail within 24 hours whether the room(s) you have chosen is/are available or not.
Your reservation is only valid after receiving your bank card details or prepaiment of the deposit and written confirmation.
You hereby also confirm that you agree with the reservation conditions below.

To guarantee your reservation:
     or through your credit card information: 
                * visa/mastercard - bank card number - expiration date - CVC-code
                * within 7 days after confirmation of the availability per e-mail. 
                * Only in case of cancellation, cancellation fees will be charged on the credit card. 
     or transfer of the deposit: 
                * prepay the deposit of 30% of the amount of the entire stay with minimum the first night. (excl. city taxes)  T
                * bank transfer of the deposit or payment at distance 
                * within 14 days after confirmation of your reservation. 

Modifications to your reservation will be subject to the availability and needs a new up to date guarantee if accepted. 
Not receiving the guarantee withing the delai will cancel the reservation and leaves the room(s) up to reservation again. 

Cancellation policy:
The modification or cancellation of a reservation will cary the following charges: 
* No charges when cancellation until 14 days prior to arrival date.
* 100% of the stay if cancelled with less than 14 days prior to arrival date.
* 100% in case of no-show.

In the event of circumstances out of control of the guest the same criteria applies set forth in this paragraph. 
Neither will it be acceptable to save money for future reservations on the occasion of a modification or cancellation.

The management reserves the right to cancel the reservation by written notice until 60 days prior to the arrival date (e.g. illness, circumstances out of control, etc)

The room rate includes breakfast and 10% VAT and excludes the residence/city tax(s) according to the annual scale.
The stay (room rate, minibar and any additional services) will be settled at the latest on the morning of check-out before 11 am.

Any additional person not mentioned in the booking confirmation will pay a supplement of EUR 25/night, excluding children under 2 years old.
The corresponding city tax is also due.

If the guest must leave the property before the planned departure date there will not be any type of refund.

House rules:
The rooms are fully equipped. Each guest is expected to manage these with due care and to leave them in good condition.
In case of damage to the furniture and equipment of the establishment, the guest must immediately notify the manager and will be required to replace for the damages resulting from not communicating in time. 
The guest will be informed at the latest within 24 hours after check-out when discovering damage by the establishment.
 A lump sum of EUR 125 will be charged, with the option to charge the full amount if the damage exceeds EUR 125.